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The Working for an MP website is a resource for anyone working for a British Member of Parliament or with an interest in how Parliament works. You can read about the site’s history, or get in touch with suggestions or feedback, or find out about the help and advice available to staff from the House of Commons.

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The site is being updated in advance of the new Parliament – some things may not be where you expect them to be while this happens.

Parliament has been dissolved.

When Parliament is dissolved, every seat in the House of Commons becomes vacant. All business in the House comes to an end. MPs stop representing their constituencies. There will be no MPs until after the general election.

During the period until the General Election on December 12 w4mp will continue to operate, but any references to MPs should be read in this context.

The House Authorities have published Dissolution Guidance for

Please see our Dissolution Page for more links.

We look forward to providing support and guidance for all staff working for MPs elected in the forthcoming election.

Hoby Cartoon for December 2019
Hoby Cartoon for December 2019

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Our humourous alt.guides can be found on alt.w4mp.org, along with an archive of Hoby cartoons.

“The MPs’ assistants and researchers walk at twice the pace of everyone else and their eyes burn twice as fiercely” John Crace, The  Guardian, 14 May 2015

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