Parliament Prorogued

The 2014-15 Parliamentary session has been brought to a close with a prorogation announcement.

Dissolution Guidance

As the current Parliament comes to an end, with the General Election taking place on  May 7, all staff should be aware of the procedures in place and how their jobs will change.   Under the Fixed-term Parliaments Act 2011 a Parliament is dissolved 25 working days before the General Election, so  Parliament will next be dissolved on March 30 2015.

Read w4mp’s Dissolution Guidance

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A new look and feel for w4mp

We’ve changed the way w4mp works so you may find the occasional page that doesn’t work or doesn’t  look quite right… sorry.  If you have any comments please let us know via the Feedback Form.

The new site should work much better on mobiles and will give us more flexibility in presenting guides and other material.