Parliament’s Education Service has a lot to offer


Parliament’s Education Service works with schools and Members of both Houses of Parliament to support young people in developing their understanding of Parliament and democracy.  You can see more at:

As well as information about arranging visits, their website has lots of online resources including games, videos, newsletter, and much more.


Parliament’s Education Service aims to:

  • inform young people about the role, work and history of Parliament through educational visits, tours, publications and outreach
  • engage young people to understand the relevance of Parliament and democracy today through active learning
  • empower young people to get involved by equipping them with the knowledge and skills to take part.

To achieve this, they offer resources and support for students and teachers including:

  • an exciting range of visit programmes catered to learning needs
  • an outreach programme, including events and training for teachers
  • online, print and DVD classroom resources on the work of Parliament.

Their services are free and have been designed to support the political literacy and citizenship education requirements of the national curricula in the United Kingdom.