W4MP guides makeover – Progress report


A week is a long time in politics, which means that while all the w4mp guides are still fantastic, some unfortunately make slightly out of date references to things like “dinosaur parking facilities” or “fax machines”.

For this reason, the guides section is now undergoing a shiny new makeover to bring it fully up to date and make it – if possible – even more helpful to you, the heroic bag carrier driving our parliamentary democracy so capably and with a total absence of occasional, overwhelming spells of fear and panic.

Firstly, we got rid of everything that we thought you could probably do by yourselves by now – like “Access the Internet from an Ordinary Telephone!”. Then, we put them in some new sections to make them more accessible – and now, we are bulking up some sections that look like they need a little more info (for example, on minimum wage issues for interns and dealing with IPSA) and editing the content of some guides where the relevant facts have changed (Bellamy’s Bar is now a creche, ladies and gents).

This work is ongoing for now, so forgive us if things appear to be cropping up and then disappearing again at random – soon all will be settled into a permanent structure of breathtaking geometric beauty and literary genius.

The guides page is here: http://www.w4mp.org/support-in-your-job/guides/.