DWP reforms – essential communications toolkit for MPs and staff


The DWP have produced a toolkit of communications materials to explain the DWP reform story. This toolkit explains the context behind the reforms and provides an overview of all the changes that DWP will be delivering over the next few years.

W4MP has been asked to publicise the toolkit to Members’ caseworkers and others who need to be up to speed on the changes and here’s the link: http://dwp.gov.uk/adviser/updates/dwp-reform-toolkit/.

It provides you with the information you need across all of their policy areas, examining what is changing, why these changes are happening and when they are being introduced. To support this information they have produced more detailed packs such as the Personal Independence Payment toolkit and the Universal Credit toolkit (due to be published on the DWP website soon).

The DWP would like your continued feedback on the toolkit:
• Do you find it useful?
• How have you used the toolkit?
• Who have you shared this toolkit with?
Please get in touch with them at coporate.stakeholders@dwp.gsi.gov.uk if  you have comments.