Total Pregnancy Yoga & Conditioning Classes – new time


The time for these classes has changed from morning to afternoon on a Friday.  Here’s the new info:

Every Friday 4-5pm – Westminster Gym Studio, 1 Canon Row

These are open to staff at Westminster, including staff of MPs.

6 weekly classes cost £24 or a course of 10 weekly sessions cost £40.00. First class is free!

What can I expect?

Pregnancy is a wonderful and very special time in a women’s life. It can also be a time of fear and anxiety. Birthlight pregnancy yoga is specially adapted for the mum-to-be’s changing body and hormonal balance.

Pregnancy yoga has a host of physical and mental benefits including:

• Toning muscles

• Relieving tension

• Improving circulation which increases blood and oxygen flow to placenta and baby

• Postural awareness and alignment adapted through pregnancy, which helps to encourage optimal fetal positioning

• Opens and stabilizes pelvic joints, to prevent and relieve pelvic pain

• Breath work that balances hormones, focuses mind and encourages relaxation

• Greater strength and flexibility during pregnancy helps make labour easier, faster and less painful

• Stretching and toning of the pelvic floor

• Reduces stress, anxiety and fears surrounding birth and parenthood

• Develops bond between mother and baby before birth

• Builds confidence in birth process and instinctual behaviour

• Balances hormones which can help alleviate and prevent depression.

To book a place please contact: Jo Fletcher x2948 or email her directly at

Westminster Gym and the House of Commons Nursery