Getting access to the parliamentary network – email and intranet


W4MP have been asked to remind Members’ staff about the procedure
for getting access, when you first arrive, to an email account and to the Parliamentary Intranet
as well as what you need to do when you leave.

Our advice: don’t delay!
The intranet is a great resource you cannot afford to ignore,
whether you work at Westminster or in a constituency office.


1.  Obtaining a Parliamentary network account

Staff working for a Member must be security cleared before being allowed to use the Parliamentary network. The Member will organise this with the pass office.

Once security clearance has been obtained, a Parliamentary network request form will need to be completed, signed by the member and sent to PICT. A network account will be created within two working days, for your use, giving you access to:

  • a secure network account with an email address and 1Gb of email storage.
  • access to the internet and Parliamentary Intranet.
  • secure personal network storage space.
  • network storage space shared between you, the Member and their existing staff.

2.  Leaving a Member’s employment

It is important that PICT are informed when a you cease to work for the Member for whatever reason, in order to keep data secure. Parliamentary ICT will work with the Member to make sure the account is closed down.

If you are transferring to work for another member, you must obtain a new Parliamentary network account by following the Obtaining a Parliamentary network account process.