Parliament’s online services – your views wanted


Review of Parliament’s online services

Have your say about how you use Parliament’s online services, and how they could be developed in future.  It’s open to everyone – see list below.

mySociety Ltd has been engaged to undertake a strategic review of Parliament’s online services. Their web-based consultation is open until 22 November 2013.

Visit their survey if you would like to contribute your views:

Further information

This survey is open to everyone, not just MPs and their staff.  Here’s the list of possible responders – it covers anyone with an interest in parliament and its services:

  • Citizen/voter
  • Staff of either House
  • Member of either House
  • Member’s staff
  • Civil or public servant
  • Journalist
  • Academic
  • Activist
  • On behalf of a company or companies
  • On behalf of a charity or campaign group
  • Tourist or visitor
  • Lawyer
  • Other elected representative