Year Here Social Leadership Programme – applications due by 3 Feb


From time to time we come across an organisation we think will be of interest to W4MP regulars.  Here’s one: Year Here Social Leadership Programme.

If what they are offering does appeal to you and you want to apply, don’t contact us – get in touch with them via

Good luck….and HURRY – applications close on 3 February for the 2014 programme!



We’re looking for the best and brightest graduates to tackle London’s toughest social challenges.

You’ll serve in demanding frontline roles; learn from top social entrepreneurs and work alongside leading institutions including the Cabinet Office, Teach First and Citizens UK.

We set the bar high.

Our fellows must have the courage, vision and audacity to create a better society. Over nine months you’ll be challenged to:

  • Serve in tough frontline roles. Your first four months will be spent in schools, care homes, and homeless shelters, understanding first-hand the daily realities of people living at the margins of society.
  • Develop leadership, professional and creative skills. Throughout the programme you’ll be mentored by our remarkable faculty of social entrepreneurs, business leaders and policy makers. Our curriculum includes financial modelling, public speaking, and design methods.
  • Make a tangible impact. By the autumn, you’ll be delivering a consulting project to national charities, corporates or government; and developing a working social enterprise.

The programme will close with Grad Fest, a chance to showcase your work and network with employers and partners. You’ll gain a Year Here diploma, and endorsements from key industry leaders.

We believe in innovators, agitators and doers, not just cogs in the system.

If you are idealistic but critical; curious and brave; and want to take a rigorous approach to real issues – apply now.

Here’s the link:  Applications close at midnight on the 3rd of February.

‘Lords Digital Chamber’ website launched


A new website has been launched to make what’s going on with the Lords more accessible by connecting all of the social media used by the Lords to one base. This provides the public with a comprehensive, real-time view all current social media activity by Peers.

The website connects the Twitter, Facebook and Youtube accounts of Peers, their blogs, and a page listing all contributing Peers.

You can see the Lords Digital Chamber here.

House of Lords debates the Civil Service


Members of the House of Lords, including three former heads of the civil service, a former head of the diplomatic service and a former deputy prime minister, will debate the future of the civil service on Thursday 16 January.

This is a general debate, which usually take place on a Thursday in the chamber. During debates, members are able to discuss current issues and draw the government’s attention to concerns.

The Institute for Government has published a briefing paper which may be of interest.

Sense4us tool collects and analyses data to inform policy.


The fine people at the Hansard Society have written to tell us about Sense4us, a new tool being developed at research centres across Europe that will collect information to give policy makers the most recent data and most recent, applicable information on public opinion and ongoing discussions. According to their writeup, the project will ‘create a toolkit that will support information gathering, analyzing and policy modelling in real-time’.

The British government proposes to  use Sense4us as a means to make us of the huge amount of data currently available and always growing. It will enable policy makers to access quickly and efficiently the most current information relevant to the policy they are examining; and long-term, the one of the aims is that the Sense4us tool will be able to use this array of data to ‘simulate the consequences and impact of potential policies‘, allowing policy-makers thereby to adapt their plans for the best results. It could be the first small step towards Isaac Asimov’s vision of psychohistory!

For more information, see the Hansard Society here, and the Sense4us website here.

“My Constituency” iPad app now available


A new version of the ‘My Constituency’ iPad app has been released on the iTunes Store. Created by the find people in the House of Commons Library it will display key statistics for each constituency area including election results, unemployment, youth unemployment and population,



In this version new datasets have been added and improvements to the displays have been made.

You can find out and compare results from one area to another and against the region or the UK as a whole. The information is displayed in bar charts and line graphs. Or you can use My Constituency’s map to find out about a constituency and those around it.

The datasets are produced by House of Commons Library statisticians using a variety of authoritative sources including the Office for National Statistics (ONS) and the Department for Work and Pensions. The unemployment figures are updated monthly and with other statistics updated annually.

Find out more and if you do download it you might like to provide feedback.

View In iTunes  (an Android version is promised for the next release)