Having trouble logging in today?


Over the weekend, PICT has carried out an upgrade to the computer system.  If you didn’t print out the instructions last week, then you might be having difficulty logging in today.  Here’s what you need to do:

  • Turn on your computer.
  • If you’re on the VPN, log into the VPN (if you’re on the Parliamentary Estate, this probably doesn’t apply to you)
  • Wait for five minutes without opening any applications at all.  Now is a good time to make that cup of tea or open the post.
  • Shut down your computer completely, then switch it on and log in again.


  • Open Outlook and wait for a short while.
  • When you get the login box, delete the pre-filled username and enter your full Parliamentary email address (that’s the one which is surnameinitials@parliament.uk, not firstnamelastname@)
  • Tick the ‘remember my credentials’ box
  • Click OK.

If you can’t see any shared calendars, it might be because the person you’re sharing with hasn’t completed the above steps yet.

You may find that it takes quite a while for all your Outlook folders to update fully, so please just leave Outlook running for half an hour before you think about ringing PICT for help.  The folders will appear, eventually.  You may need to close Outlook and then re-open it for everything to appear.

Follow the same procedure for the Office Communicator, putting your full Parliamentary email address in both the sign-in address field and the user name field.

Hopefully, once you have followed these steps, everything should work correctly.