Training courses available

The Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards is offering two training courses for staff in the new year covering helping your Member to register their interests and  providing support to an All-Party Parliamentary Group.

Further information, including booking details, can be found on the Training page.

Can you unlock Parliament?

The life of a bag-carrier or researcher might seem to be entirely dedicated to the task of unlocking the mysteries of Parliament, but now there’s a new way to test your skills –  ‘Unlock Parliament’, a brand new immersive experience at Westminster.

The mysterious ‘Agent N’ will set you a series of puzzles and other clues (including some via video link). Your objective is to move Agent N’s rather surprising new Bill through Parliament.

With the clock ticking, you will need to work as a team to make some tough decisions as quickly as possible. Can you solve the puzzles and clues in time to pass the Bill into Law?

‘Unlock Parliament’ is fun and suitable for all ages (minimum recommended age 8 years). Perfect for couples, families and groups of friends, and all kids go free! And who knows – you might learn more about Parliamentary procedure!

To find out more, please call the Bookings Team on x4114 or visit the web page.

Biggest ever Parliament Week!

UK Parliament Week 2017 was the biggest to date.  In total, 4596 activities took place across the country during UK Parliament Week and over 360,000 people participated in some way. There was at least one event in every single UK Parliament constituency with an average of 7. All of this was made possible by the partnerships that we’ve spent almost a year working on.

Find out more on the Parliament Week website.

Save the date!

UK Parliament Week 2018 will take place on 12 – 18 November 2018. Look out for information coming soon about plans for UK Parliament Week 2018.