Having problems connecting to the network this morning?

If you’re having problem connecting remotely to the parliamentary network this morning, don’t worry, it’s not just you. It’s affecting mobile devices, Macs and older computers running Windows 7.

There’s no need to ring PDS about it – they’re already aware of it. There’s a global problem with MFA and they’re working on getting it fixed asap.

You should still be able to connect using parliamentary computers both on and off the estate.

Invitation to contribute to Inquiry into Bullying and Harassment

On 19 July, the House resolved to set up an Inquiry similar to the Dame Laura Cox QC inquiry into bullying and harassment, including sexual harassment, of the staff of Members of Parliament and others engaged in Parliamentary work on their behalf.

The Inquiry, launched today, is being conducted by Gemma White QC.

Please visit this page to learn more, and for details on how to contribute to the Inquiry: https://intranet.parliament.uk/business-news/news-current-issues/news/2018/november/invitation-to-contribute-to-inquiry-into-bullying-and-harassment/

Hotlines List Update

The Hotlines List was updated on 5 November 2018.

Important! The numbers for PIP have changed.

Please always ensure that you are using the current version of the hotlines list on the intranet, as copies saved to your computer or printed out may be out of date.

Please go here to see the new information and the link to the list.