Fawcett Society call for testimony on sexual harassment in politics


The Fawcett Society is working with Hogan Lovells, a global law firm which is providing pro bono (free) assistance, to gather and analyse the testimony of women in politics who have experienced sexual harassment.  The purpose of the analysis will be to draw out general themes from women’s testimony and identify possible policy responses.  The findings of the report will be published in an online report in the autumn of 2018 and publicised at an event in parliament.  The report will not identify the women that have given evidence to the project, either directly or indirectly.  With permission Fawcett would also like to publish some or all of the testimony (anonymised and with any identifying details removed) to create a public record using women’s own voices of the nature and impact of sexual harassment in our politics. 

Who are we hoping to obtain evidence from? 

We would like to obtain evidence from a wide range of women who have experienced sexual harassment while working in the political environment, including  

  • Those working/ volunteering in the parliamentary estate, 
  • Those working/ volunteering within political party structures. This includes volunteers, unpaid interns 
  • Those whose work or voluntary activity involves working alongside politicians or party workers 
  • MPs

How will the process of giving evidence work? 

You can agree to take part in the project by completing the consent form at the end of this document and returning it to testimony@fawcettsociety.org.uk

Download the consent form here: Reforming Parliament sexual harassment information document FINAL AUG 18