Find It Online


Who should attend this course?
Think you know about searching online? Do you type a word or two into Google and find what you think you’re looking for?

This course focuses on effective research techniques and strategies to retrieve meaningful results when searching the internet as well as an introduction to other search tools.

This training course is open to any Intranet user who wants to improve their web searching and learn techniques for constructing successful searches.

Course overview and content
The Find It Online course focuses on effective research techniques and strategies to retrieve meaningful results when searching the internet as well as an introduction to other search tools i.e. Bing, DuckDuckGo, Yahoo

This course is part of the Library’s Find It training programme.

Learning objectives

This course will equip you with skills to control and minimise your search results and help you understand:

connectors to combine search terms
alternative search query types to narrow results to specific type of materials(s) or website(s)
advanced skills to construct effective search strategies
how to evaluate search results

The course will be a mix of:

presentation and online demonstrations
examples to work through to help you grasp different search techniques
You will also have the opportunity to ask questions and explore aspects of searching online that are particularly interesting for you.

Course Dates

  • 3 May 2019
  • 29 May 2019
  • 28 June 2019
  • 23 July 2019

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Finding Parliamentary Papers Online


Course overview and content:

Learn how to find Command papers, select committee reports and deposited papers using a variety of online resources, including Parliamentary Search, Public Information Online and historical Parliamentary Papers.

Duration: 1.5 hours

Who should attend this course:

This course is open to any user of the parliamentary intranet who needs to search for parliamentary papers.

Course Dates

  • 21 March 2019

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POST Training for Academic Researchers


POST – the Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology – is presenting regional training sessions for researchers to learn how the UK Parliament works and ways to engage with Parliament using research, with a particular focus on framing and communicating your research in a policy context.

What does the training cover?
This training gives an overview of the UK Parliament and covers ways to work with the institution including details on Select Committees, legislative scrutiny, the House of Commons and House of Lords libraries, and POST. It also includes sessions on identifying how your research relates to policy, and communicating your research at Parliament.

How is the training delivered?
Sessions are delivered by officials from POST and Select Committees. The training is interactive and practical. You will leave with an action plan, plenty of resources and the chance to join our alumni network to receive further opportunities and support from Parliament. Refreshments and lunch are included.

Who should attend?
This event is aimed at academic researchers as well as those working in policy brokerage/research impact roles.

What will I learn?
As a result of the training you will:

  • understand Parliament’s role and processes and the difference between Parliament and Government
  • know how research is used in the UK Parliament
  • be able to identify opportunities to feed your research into Parliament’s work
  • know how your research could be relevant to Parliament’s work, and how to frame it in this context
  • learn tips and advice on communicating your research at Parliament including style and tone
  • be aware of where to go for further support

What does it cost?
There is an attendance fee of £40, including VAT. If this fee is a barrier to your attendance, please contact us; we may make exceptions in some circumstances.

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