Available: Flat to Rent

Ref: 2827

The flat consists of a large bedsit (5m x4m), own bathroom, and own small kitchen/breakfast room on Lord North Street.  It is independent space in the basement of a family home; access is shared with the home through its front door and utility area is shared.
The owner-occupier requires a trustworthy, quiet and congenial, tidy non-smoking lodger (references required).
Long-term stay preferred.  Last happy lodger stayed for many years.  £1100 p/m including bills
If interested, send your brief details to myerssally@parliament.uk: they will be forwarded.

Home(s) needed for two cats

Ref: 2826

Due to unfortunate circumstances Kate and Pippa are looking for a new home
They are 2 years old, affectionate, playful & don’t scratch (they are also very good mice deterrents), currently living in London.
If anyone is interested in adopting one or both cats please contact gibsonja@parliament.uk

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