Daily Update 20/04/2020


The total number of deaths caused by Coronavirus now stands at 16,509, an increase of 459. 

The big story over the weekend was an article published by the Times. The article alleged that the government failed to respond swiftly to Coronavirus, and that the Prime Minister himself missed several Cobra meetings in the early weeks of the crisis. 

In the daily briefing Rishi Sunak, the Chancellor, reiterated the government’s commitment to providing more Personal Protective Equipment for frontline NHS staff. This comes after several news outlets have published stories on the lack of availability of PPE in hospitals. The Chancellor stated that the government was working with business and other countries to arrange for the manufacture and delivery of additional supplies. 

The Chancellor also confirmed that the government had fulfilled its promise to offer business loans to firms affected by Coronavirus and to pay the wages of furloughed workers. According to the government, thousands of workers and businesses should expect to receive their payments by the end of this week.