Daily Update 21/04/2020


The total number of deaths as a result of Coronavirus now stands at 17,337, an increase of 852. 

In the daily briefing the Matt Hancock, the Health Secretary, stated that although lockdown measures seem to be working, the government would not let up on them until death rates fell “sustainably and consistently” and there was “no risk of a second peak.”

The Health Secretary stood by the government’s commitment to insure that there would be a steady supply of PPE. Over a billion items of PPE have, according to the government, already been delivered and the government is in discussion with 159 potential UK manufacturers for the production of future supplies. 

Matt Hancock also affirmed the government’s commitment to find a vaccine for the virus. To aide this, £42 million has been awarded to Imperial College London and Oxford University for clinical trials. The first of these trials is due to take place this Thursday.

On Monday evening oil prices experienced an unprecedented collapse, falling into negative territory for the first time in history. This has effectively meant that oil producers were paying for buyers to take excess oil out of their hands.