Daily Update 21/07/2020


The total deaths as a result of Coronavirus now stands at 45,422, an increase of 110 as of today. 

UK public sector workers are to receive a pay increase of up to 3.1%. In a statement Rishi Sunak, the Chancellor, said that “these past months have underlined what we always knew – that our public sector workers make a vital contribution to our country and that we can rely on them when we need them.” Between 2013-18 public sector pay was frozen for most public sector workers and pay increases were limited to 1% to help combat the government’s budget deficit. These pay increases represent the largest increase in public sector pay since that period. 

Britain and the European Union will fail to sign a post-Brexit deal with only a few days left before Boris Johnsons’ July deadline. According to the Telegraph the UK’s assumption is that there will be no deal.