Daily Update 07/05/2020


The total deaths as a result of Coronavirus now stand at 30,615, an increase of 539 as of today. 86,583 test were carried out yesterday, an increase on yesterday’s figure but bellow the target of 100,000 a day set last month.

The reproduction number, R, which measures the rate at which the virus is transmitted from person to person is now between 0.5 and 0.  

In the daily briefing Dominic Raab confirmed that the Prime Minister will put forward a plan on how lockdown measures will be eased on Sunday. Although the content of these changes have not been made explicit, Boris Johnson has said that they would be “very limited”. 

The Bank of England has warned that the UK is set to enter the worst recession for 300 years with a drop in output of almost 30% in the first half of 2020. 

Daily Update 28/04/2020


There have now been 21,678  total deaths as a result of Coronavirus, an increase of 586.  

Eighty-five NHS staff have died as a result of Coronavirus and today people across the country took a moment of silence at 11am to commemorate them. 

The government has announced that the NHS’ new contact tracing app will be ready to use within two to three weeks. The new app alerts users to recent contacts who are infected with coronavirus. 

In his daily briefing Matt Hancock, the Health Secretary, announced that from tomorrow the government will publish not just the deaths in hospital but the deaths in care homes and communities. 

Daily Update 09/04/2020


As of today, 7,978 Coronavirus related deaths have been recorded, an increase of 881. 

In his morning briefing Dominic Raab, the First Secretary, announced that it was “too early” to decide whether to reduce lockdown measures. 

The Prime Minister “continues to make positive steps forward”, according to Dominic Raab.  Boris. 

With a warm Easter weekend expected, the government has urged the public to abide by the lockdown guidelines. These guidelines are to stay at home for all but essential travel and one trip out for exercise a day.  

Daily Update 08/04/2020


Daily Coronavirus related deaths increased by 938 today, a new record. This brings the total deaths to 7,097. 

The Chancellor Rishi Sunak gave the morning briefing today. In it he announced £750 million in charity funding to support third sector organisations at the frontline of the pandemic. The chancellor described these measures as required in order to restore our “social fabric”.

In the US, Bernie Sanders officially dropped out of the running to be the Democratic Party’s nominee. The ex-Vice President Joe Biden is now likely to secure to the nomination. 

Daily Update 07/04/2020


Yesterday night the Prime Minister Boris Johnson was admitted to intensive care after continuing to suffer from Coronavirus related symptoms over the weekend. His condition has been described as “stable” by medical professionals. 

The Secretary of State Dominic Raab again stood in for the Prime Minister for the daily briefing. It has been announced that Raab will deputise for the Prime Minister until Boris Johnson can return to his position. 

The government has continued to stand by their pledge to have 100,000 tests a day by the end of April. As of today, a total of 213,118 test have been taken, an increase from over 208,000 the day before.  

There were 854 Coronavirus related deaths recorded by the NHS today, an increase on the previous day’s total of 441. This brings the total number of NHS recorded deaths up to 6,159. 

An article published in the Financial Times drew attention to the disparity, of up to 80% in some cases, between the NHS’ reported deaths used by the by the government in their daily briefings and the ONS’ own figures. The latter are considerably higher than the former. 

Daily Update 06/04/2020


The Prime Minister was hospitalised over the weekend due to Coronavirus. Politicians across the political spectrum wished the Prime Minister a speedy recovery. His office has given no indication of when he should expect to be discharged. Despite his illness Boris Johnson continues to run the government from hospital. 

The death toll increased by 441 today, the lowest daily increasing for almost a week, bringing the death toll to 5,373. 

In the daily press briefing the Secretary of State Dominic Raab stood in place of the Prime Minister. In his briefing he stood by the government’s commitment to increase testing and pointed out that over 208,000 tests had currently taken place. The government’s target is 100,000 tests per day by the end of April.

The new leader of the Labour Party Sir Keir Starmer unveiled his shadow cabinet. The selections, which saw the ex-Leader of the Opposition Ed Miliband return to the shadow cabinet as Shadow Business Secretary, has been viewed as a move towards the centre-left. 

Things to do…


Ok, so as fun and rewarding as your job may be you can’t, and you shouldn’t, spend all of your time busy with work. Trying to avoid work can be especially hard when you’re spending so much time at home. But, have no fear, W4MP comes to you with a solution! Below are a list of fun activities to keep you busy, keep you thinking, and keep you sane. 

Online Activities to keep you busy offline during the lockdown

Here are some activities that we think will help you stay busy during the lockdown.

Moving around

  • Fitness: If you’re missing the gym, or want to get into exercise for the first time, then P.E with JOE is probably the best place to start. Joe offers a really wide array of online classes that are suited to people of all abilities.
  • Yoga: If you’re looking for something a bit more structured, then maybe online yoga is for you. Yoga with Adriene varies from soft and gentle to thoroughly exhausting.
  • Ballet: The Dutch National Opera and Ballet, as part of their stay at home series, are streaming online Ballet Classes on their YouTube page. Classes come out once a week and are about thirty minutes long.


  • There are two kinds of people during a lockdown. People making sourdough and people struggling to find flour. If you’re in the first camp then Breadahead’s online baking course is for you. Live at 2pm (GMT) everyday on Instagram live, Breadahead teaches you how to make a wide variety of loaves from Focaccia to Ciabatta.


Daily Update 03/04/2020


Today saw the opening of the new 4,000 bed hospital in the ExCel centre in London, the first of the government’s emergency field hospitals built to treat Coronavirus in the City. The hospital was opened in nine days and has so far been fitted with 500 beds. 

The death toll increased again today up to 684 in the past 24 hours. The Health Secretary Matt Hancock, who continues to give the daily briefing in place of the Prime Minister, stood by the government’s commitment to increase testing to 100,000 by the end of this month. The government was again challenged on the lack of widespread and affective antibody tests, after promising 2.4 million working tests within days on 25th March. In his briefing the Health Secretary stated that the government is still looking for an effective antibody test. 

It was Jeremy Corbyn last day as leader of the Labour Party today, in his email to Party members he described his time as leader as having been an “honour”. 

Daily Update 02/04/2020


The death toll in the UK increased once again to 569, setting another record. There have now been 2,921 deaths as a result of Covid-19. 

Concerns remain around the government’s lack of testing for NHS staff. However, the government has stood by their commitment to increase testing throughout the population, promising to have 100,000 tests a day by the end of April. 

The Health Secretary Matt Hancock took to the podium to give the daily Coronavirus update after self-isolating since the 27th March. 

Further support was also promised to the NHS in the form of a £13.4 billion write-off of NHS debt. In addition to this debt relief additional support was also given to the health sector in the form of a £300 million made available to community pharmacies to support their business. 

In party political news, the Labour leadership elections came to an end today. Sir Keir Starmer, the Labour MP for Holborn and St Pancreas, is largely expected to win. 

Daily Update 01/04/2020


As of today we will be posting a short daily summary of the latest Covid-19 news, focusing on the most important stories of the day. Our aim is try and highlight the issues which we think will be most relevant to people working in Parliament.

Today saw the largest increase in UK Covid-19 deaths in a single day since the pandemic began. Of the 563 people that have died, the youngest was only thirteen years old. 

Politically, the main story today has been the government’s pledge to test NHS staff. So far 2,000 NHS staff have been tested out of a total 500,000, a disparity which has led to the government receiving criticism. The government maintains that their strategy is to increase the amount of testing taking place amongst NHS workers and the population as a whole.  

The government has also promised an additional £12 billion to local authorities in England to support business. Local authorities have been urged by the government to distribute these funds as quickly as possible.