Hotlines List Update

The Hotlines List was updated on 21 September 2017

As always, please ensure that you are using the current version of the hotlines list on the intranet, as copies saved to your computer may be out of date.

Please go here to see the new information (you need to have an intranet login to access this page).

Developing our skills through 10% time

Developing our skills through 10% time – A Parliamentary Digital Service Blog Post

You might have heard of companies which let their employees spend a percentage of their time on creative projects that will benefit them. Emma Allen introduced this in the last organisation she worked for and she’s blogged about doing the same for her teams at PDS.

Read more on the PDS Blog:

Changes to courier deliveries to Parliament

There has been a change to the way in which courier deliveries are made to Parliament, and you should have received an email giving you the details.

If you haven’t received the email, you can view the information on the intranet.  Please do take the time to go and read it, because it is very important and affects the way in which you need to order and receive goods.

DVLA hotline number temporarily out of order

The DVLA is currently experiencing some intermittent issues with external telephone calls. This means that some of you may experience problems when trying to call the MP hotline provided by the DVLA.  Engineers are working hard to fix the problem.  In the meantime, please use the email address provided on the hotline list.

Social media and political polling

The House of Lords Committee on Political Polling and Digital Media takes evidence from Demos and academics in its second public evidence session.

The sessions focus on the impact of social media on political opinion polling, the prospect for social media analysis to provide an alternative to traditional approaches to analysing public opinion and how the media reports on opinion polls when they are published.

The Committee meets on Tuesday September 12  in Committee Room 2, Palace of Westminster

At 10.45am

  • Professor Susan Banducci, University of Exeter
  • Carl Miller, Demos

At 11.45am

  • Professor Jane Green, University of Manchester
  • Professor Chris Hanretty, Royal Holloway, University of London

Interview with Rob Greig, departing Director of PDS

In his final week, Director of the Parliamentary Digital Service Rob Greig reflects on his time working on digital transformation and the challenges ahead, in this excellent podcast from Ben Woodhams and Robert Brook.

Worth subscribing to the UK Parliament feed on Soundcloud for more.

Child Benefit for the Over 16s

On 31 August each year, Child Benefit stops for those aged 16+

Child Benefit stops on 31 August on or after a child’s 16th birthday if they leave education or training.  It continues if they stay in approved education or training, but the Child Benefit Office must be notified of this.  A letter is sent to parents/guardians in a child’s last year at school, prompting them to notify the
Child Benefit Office.

MPs might receive more correspondence on Child Benefit when the letters are received on or shortly after 31 August.  Contact the Child Benefit hotline for information to help answer constituents’ questions on Child Benefits.

For further information on this, and other Child Benefit issues, please see the Child Benefit section on Gov.UK


Parliamentary Assistants’ Portico in the Church of Wittertainment

As a regular listener to the Kermode & Mayo film show on BBC Radio 5 Live, w4mp has long been a member of the ‘Church of Wittertainment‘ – see this entry in the comprehensive ‘Witterpedia‘ for more  – and enjoyed the witty banter between Simon Mayo and Mark Kermode. We normally listen to the podcast and enjoy the lack of interruptions from sport and news, and the extra conversation at the start and end of the broadcast programme.

The Church is an all-encompassing space, and this week it was augmented with a special space for everyone working for an MP, and the delightfully-named Parliamentary Assistants’ Portico has joined Clergy Corner and Apothecaries’ Atrium.

Tom in Westminster, who wrote in after having seen Dunkirk in Peckham. You can catch his intervention at 39:20 on the podcast, downloadable from the BBC website. And if Tom would like to get in touch, we’d be happy to acknowledge his contribution.

If you’d like to contact the show to let them know you’re in the congregation, then email or follow @wittertainment on Twitter.

Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards Team training workshops/seminars

The Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards Team is presenting some useful training workshops and seminars.  Book now to secure a place.

Please email: or telephone Pam Morris on 020 7219 3738 to reserve a place.

All workshops will be held in Room “B”, 1 Parliament Street, London SW1A 0AA

Keeping on the right side of the rules: the proper use of Parliamentary resources

  • Tuesday 14 November 1.00pm – 2.00pm

Workshop of how to support an All-Party Parliamentary Group:

  • Wednesday 27 September 11.00am-12 noon
  • Wednesday 18 October 12 noon – 1.00pm
  • Tuesday 14 November 3.00pm – 4.00pm

Seminar on registering MP’s financial interests:

  • Wednesday 27 September 10.00am-11.00am
  • Wednesday 18 October 11.00am – 12 noon
  • Tuesday 14 November 2.00pm – 3.00pm