Health Assured Newsletter for November

Every month Health Assured, who are the Parliamentary Health Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) provider,  send out a newsletter to staff.

This month’s is now online. In it you’ll find features about Movember -, a report on this year’s National Stress Awareness day, and an article about Armistice Day and its significance.

Read the November Newsletter (PDF)

Disability and mental health awareness and information for MPs and their staff

The Commons Diversity and Inclusion team has a very useful resource for MPs and their staff on dealing with disability and mental health issues encountered when conducting their work either at Parliament or in their constituencies.

In conjunction with RADAR, they have published a comprehensive guide, which can be found on the intranet here:

It contains information on:

  • Access
  • Meetings, events and surgeries
  • Information and Communication
  • Communication Aids
  • Meeting disabled constituents
  • Common courtesies
  • Language
  • Disability Discrimination Law
  • Who is affected by the law?
  • How the law affects MPs
  • The Equality Duty
  • Useful contacts

There is also an MP and Staffers’ Guide to Mental Health which provides practical tips and advice on how Members and their staff can support constituents with mental health problems, and where to signpost them. Members and their staff often come into contact with constituents in distress either at surgeries or through emails and telephone calls, and this Guide provides information and guidance on how to deal with these difficult situations:

  • Quick-reference guide
  • An overview of mental health
  • How much help should you give?
  • How to help someone in distress
  • Handling difficult emails and phone calls
  • Signposting and local information

Sexual Harassment and MPs Staff

From The Guardian:

Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn have urged staff and researchers working in Westminster to come forward about sexual harassment or assault in parliament after reports emerged of allegations on a WhatsApp group.

The prime minister’s spokeswoman said reports of a WhatsApp group where female staff and researchers in Westminster shared information about MPs and ministers who have behaved inappropriately were “deeply concerning”.


The WhatsApp group of Westminster staffers is reported by the Sun newspaper to have named senior politicians they did not feel safe around.

Full story.

Opportunity to volunteer overseas

If you’re interested in working in Nicaragua, Nepal, Tanzania then Raleigh International may be worth looking at. They run International Citizen Service (ICS), a volunteering programme which is funded by the UK government. This means your flights, visas, vaccines, training, food, accommodation and travel are all covered. Raleigh International delivers ICS in Nepal, Tanzania and Nicaragua, and they are currently looking for volunteers for 10 weeks next spring.

You need to be 18-25 and a UK citizen or an EU citizen who has lived in the UK for 12 months. Volunteers are asked to fundraise £800 to show their commitment

Apply on as soon as possible to secure a place or check out the website at



e-Tabling is being updated

The Table Office is replacing the current e-tabling application, which is reaching the end of its useful life.

We’re introducing a new way to submit questions online. This is the first of many easy-to-use services that will sit within the new digital Member hub.

The Member hub will allow Members and their authorised staff to submit parliamentary questions using their own secure logins.

They will also be able to search, track and review the progress of questions, as well as receive automatic alerts (for example, notification of cards or shuffle results).

Further services – such as tabling and adding names to motions – will follow, making the Member hub a central place to manage services online.

Keep an eye out for the drop-in training sessions in the Procedural Hub and Table Office.

Ask about pre-registration or find out more by contacting

Child Maintanance Group contact details

The Falkirk office of the CMG is now handling enquiries relating to NW and Northern England.

The South West office is handling enquiries relating to the Midlands.

The hotlines list will be amended to reflect this change.

View hundreds of lectures for free, online at Gresham College

Gresham College has hosted free public lectures for over four hundred years, on a wide range of topics, not just politics and economics, but also history, science, the arts, and much more.

Not only is it possible to attend the lectures in person, but the college has recorded all of the lectures since the 1980s, and over 1,900 of them are freely available on their website, in text, audio and visual formats.

This is a marvellous resource of fascinating information and definitely worth a look.

Their website is here: