POSTnote – Migrants and Housing

The Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology has recently published the following POSTnote:

Migrants and Housing

Migration is often cited in public debate as a significant factor in the demand for UK housing.  This POSTnote provides an overview of available research on migrants and housing.  It examines definitions and data sources on migration and its implications.  It also outlines the possible impact of migrants on housing, including variation by tenure type, migrant characteristics and region.  Finally, it considers the impact of housing on migrants and local communities.

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Hotlines list – please read

It has been brought to our attention that some of the hotlines numbers have been given to constituents, who have been contacting the MP hotlines directly.  This is causing significant problems for the agencies involved.

Please ensure that when forwarding correspondence to constituents, that any information relating to the MP hotlines is deleted or redacted.

Please do not pass any of the information from the hotlines list to any of your constituents, otherwise services may be withdrawn.

Interested in Democracy? Democracy Club seeking board members

Democracy Club logo
Democracy Club logo

Democracy Club, the non-profit dedicated to making the UK’s democratic processes work better, is looking for new board members.

It’s a non-profit with an amazing track record of achievement — and they want to appoint board members to help them do more, faster.

Deomocracy Club consists of a tiny full-time team and big group of brilliant volunteers on a vital mission to use open data, design and technology to give every citizen the information and participation opportunities they need, in a way that suits them. They are strictly non-partisan — and they work openly.

You may have used their services  to find polling stations, learn about candidates and to engage in the democratic process. You may even have added details of a candidate you are working for.T

They are looking for directors who can provide entrepreneurial experience and leadership to help set Democracy Club’s strategic objectives and help us to ensure that we have the necessary financial and human resources in place to meet those objectives.

Full details can be found on the Democracy Club website and there’s also a Google Doc with more, including how to apply.

Problems with UKVI MP page

When accessing the UKVI information page for MPs, you will get an error message about the site certificate.  UKVI are aware of it and are working to rectify it.

In the meantime, the website still works and is accessible, please ignore the security certificate message and choose ‘proceed’ at the bottom of the page to access the site.

POSTnote: Security of UK Food Supply

The security of UK food supply is a key priority for the Government, particularly in light of the UK’s forthcoming withdrawal from the EU. This note outlines current UK trade in food and animal feed, examines the challenges raised to the security of UK food supply by withdrawal from the EU and analyses the policy options available for improving UK food security.

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POSTnote: Environmentally Sustainable Agriculture

Agricultural practices can reduce water quality, degrade soils and cause biodiversity loss. This in turn can disrupt natural processes that support food production. Environmentally sustainable agriculture seeks to reduce environmental damage and restore such processes. This POSTnote summarises associated land management options, agricultural policies and the constraints imposed by a new trading environment.

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POSTnote: Online Information and Fake News

Internet search engines and social media platforms are an increasingly popular way of accessing news and information. In 2017, the proportion of UK adults consuming news online exceeded those who watched news on TV (74% versus 69%). This note considers how people access news online, how algorithms (sequences of instructions) and social networks influence the content that users see, and options for mitigating any negative impact.

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Committee Chairs

Commons in Session

Reproduced from

The full list of elected committee chairs for the new Parliament has been announced by the Speaker, the Rt Hon John Bercow. All successful candidates are listed below. This includes 19 departmental select committees and a selection of other committees elected under Standing Order Number 122B. The chair of the Backbench Business Committee is elected separately, under Standing Order 122D.


The successful candidates are:

And, elected under Standing Order 122D:

Committees where no election is necessary (for which a single nomination was received)

Departmental committees:

Other specified select committees:

The successful candidates will take up their position as Chair of the committee when the remaining members of the committee have been appointed by the House.

Further details for each position of Chair, including nominations and supporting statements, are available on individual committee pages.