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Your views wanted on IPSA review of Costs & Expenses

IPSA is conducting a review of the MPs’ Scheme of Business Costs and Expenses. The consultation is open now and it runs until 18 January 2013.

The consultation document is available at http://parliamentarystandards.org.uk/Pages/Scheme-Review.aspx and hard copies are available in the Vote Office in the House of Commons.

You can respond to the consultation questions by emailing schemeconsultation@parliamentarystandards.org.uk.

IPSA is also running a short online survey which is available on the website. All responses received will inform any changes IPSA makes and these will come into effect for the new financial year beginning 1 April 2013.

Thinkl.com – public policy and research web app launched

Thinkl.com – the UK’s first free public policy and research web application launched this week. Thinkl.com uses artificial intelligence software to incorporate new information in real-time from 100 UK and EU Government sources and the UK’s top 50 think-tanks.

The sites’ archive features a database of 7,000 research reports from think-tanks across the political spectrum, as well as 24,000 Government speeches, consultations and news releases, with multi-field Boolean text searching. For those who need to monitor policy news regularly, the site’s artificial intelligence software categorises news into 100 different policy themes, enabling free customised monitoring accounts to be created in just a few minutes.

Keep up to date with new developments by following the team on Twitter @TeamThinkl

Parliament Explained – for school students and teachers

Teachers…students…this is for you.

Parliament – it shouldn’t be a mystery. Unravel what goes on in the Westminster Parliament today. And explore what happened in the past…  Click here.

Click here to see all the resources of Parliament’s Education Service.

Members’ staff: you have a role to tell your constituents about these excellent resources.

Accommodation for Interns

Interns – are you looking for accommodation?

As we have been happy to advertise before on W4MP, here’s another plug for that excellent facility Room for Tea.  Here’s a message just in from them:

“Room for Tea is a social enterprise which connects interns looking for an affordable place to stay with hosts who have a spare room in their homes.

“Room for Tea is for anyone but our motivation is to help aspiring interns and apprentices access affordable accommodation inLondonduring their work experience.

“Looking for a room in December? Some Room for Tea hosts are available now! Rooms available in Peckham, Forest Hill and Goodmayes (rent around £350 per month). Visit our website www.roomfortea.com to access specific information about each of our hosts and register interest.”

Palace of Westminster Lions Club (POWLC) opens membership to all

As part of the inclusivity which Lions International advocates, it seems natural to open to the membership up to everyone who plays a part in the day to day life within the Palace of Westminster. It is an opportunity to create a club in Parliament which is open to all, where service-minded people can meet for open discussion and promotion of good governance and citizenship and to celebrate the achievements of Lions around the world.

Lions Clubs (of which the Palace of Westminster Lions Club is a part) exist across the world and make up the largest and most active voluntary services organisation in the world.

Lions International empowers volunteers to serve their communities, encourage peace, and meet humanitarian needs. Its aim is to be the ‘global leader in community and humanitarian service’ and to meet this aim, clubs are constantly organising and taking part in events for the cultural, social and moral welfare of communities.

Part of the purpose of the Palace of Westminster Lions Club is to act as a figurehead club for the rest of the UK and draw attention to this work and achievements of the Lions UK.

As people across the UK look to Parliament to lead society, it is felt that the POWLC can promote the values of fairness, responsibility and understanding and obviously the more members we have the more effective we can be at this aim.

To join this club, please email Alec Shelbrooke MP: alec.shelbrooke.mp@parliament.uk.

To find out about the first POWLC competition: http://www.lions.org.uk/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2012/08/POWLC-banner-competition.pdf.

For more information on Lions International: http://www.lionsclubs.org/EN/index.php.