Fax to Email

Added 23 January 2012

Do you want to be able to access your faxes remotely?

Fed up of junk faxes which waste your paper and ink?

There is a solution: Fax to email.

PICT are able to have your incoming faxes delivered to an email inbox, which you can access via Outlook. It won’t affect the operation of your fax machine and you can still send faxes in the normal manner. You’ll then be able to choose whether or not to print the faxes, delete them, or forward them on to someone.

If you’d like to give fax to email a try, give PICT a call on x2001.

Hansard Society scholars available for placements

This January the Hansard Society is proud to be welcoming to London an exceptional group of overseas Scholars for the forthcoming Spring 2012 Hansard Scholars Programme. Our new Scholars, who have all been hand-picked from top US universities for their academic calibre and enthusiasm, will be studying courses in British politics organised in association with the LSE, taken alongside their political placements in Parliament.

The placement is for three days per week – Tuesdays through Thursdays – from 31 January to 22 March, 2012. If you are interested in taking on one of our highly valued Scholars as an intern in the New Year, please contact see their website for further details. N.B. No expenses whatsoever are incurred by the internship host.

Web: https://www.hansardscholars.uk/