Westminster Professionals

Westminster Professionals

Training, networking and support for those in and around Westminster

  • Training delivered by political professionals who understand your daily challenges
  • Networking opportunities across Parliament – strengthening your connections, giving you new ideas and enhancing your career prospects.
  • Support for you and your office with individualised training, advice and services

Upcoming training courses

We have received information about upcoming training courses that staff can sign up for.

Courses are free of charge to all Members’ staff who are paid through IPSA’s staffing allowance and travel costs to training events can be met from the expenses scheme administered by IPSA.

Full details can be found in the training section of the Parliamentary Intranet.

The full course catalogue is available via Act – the Parliamentary learning management system.

Role of Office Manager (3day) Starting 2nd May Westminster
Writing a Brief May 3rd Westminster
Building Emotional Resilience May 7th Liverpool
Building Emotional Resilience May 8th Westminster
Writing a Brief May 9th Edinburgh
Building Emotional Resilience May 16th Birmingham
Mental Health Awareness May 22nd Westminster
Conversations with Vulnerable People May 23rd Westminster
Media Handling & Social Media May 23rd Manchester
Conversations with Vulnerable People May 28th Exeter
Conversations with Vulnerable People May 29th Cardiff
Media Handling & Social Media May 29th Westminster
Taking Control of your Time & Speed Writing May 29th Westminster
Supervisory Management May 30th Westminster
Conversations with Vulnerable People June 5th Westminster
Writing a Brief June 6th Westminster
Speech Writing June 10th Westminster
Mental Health Awareness June 11th Exeter
Writing a Brief June 13th Sheffield
Media Handling & Social Media June 17th Westminster
Building Emotional Resilience June 19th Edinburgh
Mental Health Awareness June 25th Manchester
Essential Writing Skills July 2nd Edinburgh
Mental Health Awareness July 3rd Westminster
Essential Writing Skills July 4th Westminster
Conversations with Vulnerable People July 9th Birmingham

Conversations with Vulnerable People

This one day course is designed to equip staff with the skills and confidence to handle challenging conversations with customers or employees in a sensitive and professional way.

A person’s emotional state can affect their reactions. Understanding how this happens can help you resolve conflict more successfully.

The Samaritans trains their volunteers in active-listening techniques using a model known as the ‘listening wheel’. This course will cover these techniques to help you build rapport with a person in order to alleviate their distress and de-escalate any anger and aggression, which can be used to great effect in the workplace.

For full details and dates, please click here: https://parliament.learningpool.com/mod/facetoface/view.php?f=518

Building Emotional Resilience

Having a good level of emotional resilience can positively affect teams, colleagues, other individuals and one’s own wellbeing, increasing productivity and performance in the workplace. Individuals will have a better chance of delivering results at work if they are able to deal with stressful life events.

The course will focus on managing emotional health and empowering delegates to support others. It will help delegates to identify and respond to increasing demands in a way that helps them to get through challenging situations and continue to learn and grow.

For full details and dates, please click here: https://parliament.learningpool.com/course/view.php?id=575