New update to the Hotlines List

The hotlines list has been updated with the following changes:

  • Royal Mail in Wales
  • Post Office Telephones
  • CSA Eastern Business Unit
  • CSA Midlands Business Unit
  • UK Border Agency for Members of the Welsh Assembly OFGEM (correction of telephone number)
  •  Replacement of information for the Child Maintenance & Enforcement Commission with information for the DWP – Child Maintenance.  (CMEC no longer exists.)

Please ensure that you use the most recent version of the list.

Universal Jobmatch

On 19 November 2012, the DWP will launch ‘Universal Jobmatch’, the DWP’s new, free online job posting and matching service, which will replace Employer Direct and Employer Direct Online for companies, and the Jobcentre Plus jobs and skills search facility for jobseekers.

See details here

w4mp on new server

Welcome to, now running on WordPress.

After nearly ten years we’ve moved to a new server running on the popular and powerful WordPress platform. We believe this will let us give you a better service and allow us to offer new features that will make w4mp even more useful to you

It has most of the material from  the older sites. If you can’t find what you are looking for then the older pages remain accessible here although they may not be properly formatted and are no longer current, so you should not rely on the information they contain.

Please let us know of any issues you have with the site, or any errors/omissions you notice. You can email or use the contact form.

Caseworkers: don’t forget the hotlines list

w4mp maintains a list of hotline telephone numbers for Members and their Staff. It is available via the Parliamentary Intranet, and the hotline numbers are for the use of MPs, MEPs, MSPs, Welsh Assembly Members and their staff ONLY.


PLEASE DO NOT disclose these numbers to members of the public or to staff in other agencies or the facility may be withdrawn.

More details on the hotlines page.