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Members' Staff Verification Office (MSVO)

Last updated 24 September 2012
Added 1 April 2010

Update 24 September 2012:

Introduction of the Membersí Staff Security & Verification Questionnaire (SVQ).

As already flagged below, the new SVQ is introduced from today - 24 September 2012.  Here are two things to help you:

  1. The new form which needs to be completed - click here to view it.

  2. Some guidance notes - click here to view them.

Update 10 September 2012:

Introduction of the Membersí Staff Security & Verification Questionnaire (SVQ).

The House authorities are introducing the SVQ with effect from Monday 24 September 2012, when it will replace the Security Questionnaire (SQ) and Verification Questionnaire (VQ), previously completed by Membersí staff.

Membersí staff should use the new, single SVQ, with effect from 24 September 2012. Once completed it should be forwarded, together with all the required original documentation, to the Membersí Staff Verification Office (MSVO).

As before, the Pass Office will continue to issue passes and the MSVO will continue to be responsible for identity, nationality, immigration and employment (last 3 years) checks.

In future, staff will now only need to complete the single questionnaire and submit their documents only once, to the MSVO. Staff will no longer be required to present their documents when collecting their passes.

W4MP Note: we shall be linking to the new questionnaire (SVQ) when it becomes operational on 24 September 2012. Until that date, use the current version - see below.

Update 29 November 2011:

MSVO Questionnaire updated.  Click here for the new version (Dec 2011).

Update 7 September 2011:

Additional step for identity verification of Peersí staff

From 5 September the Membersí Staff Verification Office (MSVO) will carry out a Baseline Personnel Security Standard (BPSS) check alongside the existing security checking procedure by the Pass Office for new Peersí staff. The new process is not retrospective.

The BPSS check has been running in the House of Commons since May 2010. It will provide a layer of identity verification, and confirmation of the legal right to work in the UK, that is difficult for individual Peers, as the employer, to achieve. The BPSS check will address the problems of identity theft, illegal working and the general deception facing all employers recruiting in the UK.

For more information about the process contact Guy Turner, Manager of the MSVO, on 020 7219 3021 or

Update 25 July 2011:

Relocation of the Members' Staff Verification Office (MSVO)

MSVO has relocated to the Palace in the Serjeant at Armsí Office which can be accessed from Central Lobby past the Admission Order Office.

The move from 2 The Abbey Gardens will greatly improve accessibility for Membersí staff to the MSVO which carries out Baseline Personnel Security Standard (BPSS) pre-employment checks on staff of Members from both Houses and audits House contractors to ensure they carry out these checks on their employees.

The new address for correspondence is:
Membersí Staff Verification Office,
Serjeant at Arms Directorate,
House of Commons,
London SW1A 0AA

For further information contact x3021/3468/4072 or visit the MSVO pages on the intranet.

Update 24 June 2011:

The Verification Questionnaire has been updated again. The latest one is dated June 2011 - now (29 Nov 2011)out of date. See latest here.

CHECKING IDENTITY: The Membersí Staff Verification Office (MSVO)

Following several high-profile cases of individuals attempting to use false identities to gain access to sensitive workplaces, including the Royal Household, the MSVO has been created to carry out Baseline Personnel Security Standard pre-employment checks on staff of Members and Peers. This means that checking procedures for all staff with access to the Parliamentary Estate and its IT network will be standardised.

The checks are relatively simple and verify the individualís identity, right to work in the UK and employment /educational history for the past three years. New employees will be required to complete and return a Verification Questionnaire (VQ) and provide specific supporting documentation, such as a passport and utility bill.

It is worth noting that this activity is separate to the existing security measures which will continue and will not delay the issuing of a security pass. However, failure to comply with the new procedure will result in access to the Parliamentary Estate and its IT network being revoked and may lead to withdrawal of a job offer or even dismissal

The work of the MSVO commenced immediately after the 2010 General Election and all new staff employed by Members from that date have been subject to the new procedure.  A follow on phase providing the same service to Peersí staff will commence early in September 2011.

Further information on this subject can be found by accessing the MSVO page on the Parliamentary Intranet, which can be found at

A word from the W4MP job ads section
At the request of the MSVO we are adding the following statement to all ads placed by MPs with effect from 7 May 2010:

Upon appointment you will be required to comply with the Baseline Personnel Security Standard, undertaken by the Membersí Staff Verification Office (MSVO). See for further information.  





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