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You are looking at the original w4mp jobsite, which is no longer in use. Ads are listed here until they expire, but all ads submitted after Monday 8 August 2011 are only shown on the new site at http://www.w4mpjobs.org/ where you should continue your search.

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Ads are free of charge to all who advertise with us - part of our service to MPs and staff.

W4MP encourages advertisers to acknowledge receipt of all applications. Read more.

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"The response rate and calibre of the candidate has been superb. Where would we be without you!"

"We got the perfect person for the job. There were over 100 applicants and every one of them could do the job. I will highly recommend your website to anyone I meet who is looking for a job or staff."

"We had a staggering number of responses from many very well qualified candidates and I am very grateful to you for the excellent service you provide."

"After many years searching for a paid political job, checking the site almost every day and doing a couple of internships, I have finally been able to find a job which was advertised on the site. For that as well as the unique employment resource you provide, I shall be eternally grateful."

“We found using the w4mp site invaluable in the search for a graduate to join our team.  The response was unprecedented in terms of sheer numbers, but also with the strength of candidates found.  Using w4mp meant that most of the people responding to the ad had the relevant Westminster experience required for our position.  We were so impressed by the response we took the ad down two weeks before the closing date.  It made the search much easier and we would definitely use w4mp in the future.”

"Just a note to thank you for your excellent service – its is great that a small charity like us can use your service to help target the ideal people to come and help us on internships and indeed paid roles – the responses to our previous job ad from your site were fantastic.  Thank you very much."

"As ever, W4MP is such a great resource for those involved in Parliament and politics. Within minutes of the ad appearing we’ve already had 5 very strong applications, and even if you advertise in the Guardian you rarely get the quality of candidates with the right skills for working for a charitable organisation applying. As a small ( and always struggling!) charity we are very grateful to you and your team (and of course your funders) for the support you provide us with through your website."