Volunteering and writing opportunities

We receive a selection of interesting opportunities for volunteering or unpaid work that aren’t properly job ads but may be of interest to staff.  We’ll feature them here.


Many young people cannot afford internships and placements, but need to showcase their artistic, journalistic and political insight to advance in their career.

DARROW is Scotland’s dedicated forum for more than 200 up and coming writers. They offer a spectrum of intelligent analysis on the arts, politics and more.

DARROW is committed to empowering young writers and to supporting emerging talent across a multitude of countries and sectors.

They work predominantly with 16-35-year-olds to give them the tools they need to share their ideas, hone their craft and thrive as writers, journalists, and storytellers.

Full details on the DARROW website.

Naked Politics

Naked Politics is a political blog for young people, that represents a whole variety of political viewpoints  looking for new bloggers to contribute on an ad hoc or regular basis.

More details on the Naked Politics website.

If you’d like to contribute, please download and fill out their application form here and send your answer to Naked Politics Editor Banseka at banseka@googlemail.com