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Current Awareness Email Alerts

If you have access to the parliamentary intranet you can subscribe to topical updates on current affairs, including selected news articles, Hansard records, economic indicators, Library briefings and talks.  Click here for more information.

Here’s what’s covered:

  • Alerts from the House of Commons and the House of Lords Libraries
  • Business and Transport email alerts
  • Current Affairs Digest
  • Economics email alerts
  • Home Affairs email alerts
  • International Affairs and Defence email alerts
  • Parliament and the Constitution Alerting Service (PCAS) email alerts
  • Science and Environment email alerts
  • Social Policy email alerts
  • Weekly Economic Update (Economic Indicators) email alerts
  • What’s New from the Commons Library email alerts

Green Party releases ‘Manifesto on Animal Protection’

In the lead up to the 22nd May European elections, the Green Party has released its manifesto looking at the treatment of animals in areas such as factory farming, animal transportation, animal testing and badger culling, among much else.

More information here, and you can read the manifesto here.

Survey on space inequality in cities

If you live in a city, please take two minutes to fill out this survey, and share it if you can, which is being conducted for research into the unequal distribution of living space in the cities, and whether sharing space with our neighbours could be an answer to this. It really is short!

Conservative Party Code of Conduct for staff.

Following reports in the news of ‘concerns over the working culture in Westminster‘, The Conservative Party has issued a basic voluntary Code of Conduct, describing how staff should be treated by MPs and vice versa.

The code has not been officially published but was covered in depth by Channel 4 News after a copy was leaked to them – you can read the report, which includes a link to the text, here.

A letter sent by Sir George Young to Conservative MPs along with the Code makes the point that MPs employ staff directly and that relationship is “something which neither the House nor the Party has any legal locus upon”.

Using Google Alerts

Google Alerts‘ are a simple way to monitor the Internet for subjects in which you have a particular interest. For example, you might like to know whenever your MP’s name appears online, or a certain topic arises in conjunction with their name.

Google Alerts lets you set up a search which will then email you whenever your chosen search terms appear online. You can choose to be emailed as-it-happens, once a day or once a week.

You may need to tweek your search terms at first, particularly if you search on a common name, for example ‘John Smith’, by adding the constituency name, or telling it not to return results containing particular trigger words. So for example, your initial search could be:

“John Smith” parliament

but if there’s an MP called John Smith, say in Australia, you could then amend the search to read

“John Smith” parliament -Australia

and so on.

You can set up as many alerts as you like, and can customise them by choosing in which languages it searches and where in the world you want the results to come from.

Have a look at the Google Alerts page for more information:

Latest Research Briefings from the HoC Library and POST

The House of Commons Library and the Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology produce frequent briefings on a wide range of topics. You can find the latest publications here:

New Parliament session opening moved one day later.

The Queen’s speech and opening of the new session of Parliament has been moved from Tuesday the 3rd of June to Wednesday the fourth. This will better suit arrangements with the G7 summit taking place that week in Brussels.

For (a tiny bit) more information, see here.

New procedures for Members’ Tours of Parliament

As part of the House of Commons Savings Programme, Parliament committed to some income generating initiatives in order to reduce the costs of managing and maintaining the building and services.  The new procedures have now been published – for full details check the Intranet or see here


Updates to the Hotlines List

The Hotlines List was updated on10 April 2014.  Please go here to see the new information.

Have you entered the 2014 Speaker’s School Council Awards?

The deadline is 30 April.

All you need to know here.