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MP and Staffers’ guide to Mental Health

The MP and Staffers’ Guide to Mental Health has been updated and is full of useful information on how to support and signpost constituents with mental health needs.  We highly recommend that you read this guide. Here’s what’s in it: Quick-reference guide An overview of mental health How much help should you give? How to […]


New HMRC Guides for MPs and Staff

Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs have updated their very helpful booklets, explaining how they can help you to help your constituents. The two booklets are: HMRC Casework guide for MPs and Staff HMRC guide for MPs managing their own tax affairs They are available in the following formats: English Welsh Accessible Version – English only […]


Video Recording Meetings, Events and Lectures

This is a follow on to our previous guide exploring ways in which audio recording may help with parliamentary work, and explaining how to do it on a modest budget. I don’t consider myself a video professional, but I’ve made a several budget educational videos, and recorded meetings and conferences. I participated in two working […]