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UK Government Departments (revised 2 March 2020)
UK Political Parties (revised 2 March 2020)
UK Parliaments, Assemblies etc (revised 2 March 2020)
Political resources  (revised 2 March 2020
Political blogs and online publications  (revised 2 March 2020)
Media sites  (revised 2 March 2020)
Ombudsmen and Commissioners  (revised 2 March 2020)
Organisations  (revised 2 March 2020)
Citizenship  (revised 2 March 2020)
Think Tanks (revised 2 March 2020)
E-Democracy sites (revised 2 March 2020)
Humorous Sites (revised 2 March 2020)
EuropeanParliaments (revised 2 March 2020)
Global National Parliaments (revised 2 March 2020)

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UK Government Departments
(revised 2 March 2020)

Ministerial Departments

Since departments are reorganised from time to time, rather than list them all here, we are providing you with this general link: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/government-ministers-and-responsibilities

Take Home Pay Calculator – In the UK, salaries are always quoted as gross and figuring out your take home net pay or gross to net salary is your responsibility.  This site has calculated carefully all possible gross annual salaries to give you the net salary you will take home. The net salaries are calculated to show the exact amount you will take home after the income tax and national insurance contributions for 2018-2019. You can also check hourly wage calculator which is useful especially for students.

UK Political Parties
(revised 2 March 2020)

Any list we provide inevitably gets out of date so, instead, here are some links which get updated regularly:

UK Parliaments, Assemblies etc
(revised 2 March 2020)

Political resources
(revised 2 March 2020)



Political blogs and online publications
(these come and go at an alarming rate so no apologies if some of them are deceased)
(last updated 2 March 2020)

Media sites
(revised 2 March 2020)

Ombudsmen and Commissioners
(revised 2 March 2020)

(revised 2 March 2020)

(revised 2 March 2020)

Think Tanks

(revised 2 March 2020)

E-Democracy sites
(revised 2 March 2020)

Humorous Sites
(revised 2 March 2020)

European Parliaments
(revised 2 March 2020)

Global National Parliaments
(revised 2 March 2020)