Palace of Westminster Lions Club (POWLC) opens membership to all


As part of the inclusivity which Lions International advocates, it seems natural to open to the membership up to everyone who plays a part in the day to day life within the Palace of Westminster. It is an opportunity to create a club in Parliament which is open to all, where service-minded people can meet for open discussion and promotion of good governance and citizenship and to celebrate the achievements of Lions around the world.

Lions Clubs (of which the Palace of Westminster Lions Club is a part) exist across the world and make up the largest and most active voluntary services organisation in the world.

Lions International empowers volunteers to serve their communities, encourage peace, and meet humanitarian needs. Its aim is to be the ‘global leader in community and humanitarian service’ and to meet this aim, clubs are constantly organising and taking part in events for the cultural, social and moral welfare of communities.

Part of the purpose of the Palace of Westminster Lions Club is to act as a figurehead club for the rest of the UK and draw attention to this work and achievements of the Lions UK.

As people across the UK look to Parliament to lead society, it is felt that the POWLC can promote the values of fairness, responsibility and understanding and obviously the more members we have the more effective we can be at this aim.

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